Digital Agency Awards: Winner

We have never entered for an award before, and this year, 2020, we decided to take the step and enter DXA'20 UK Digital Experience Awards.

After becoming a finalist, the whole company was excited about the awards event. However, COVID happened.

A virtual presentation and award ceremony doesn't fill anyone with much excitement. However! We have to hand it to DXA for making the day enjoyable even from the comfort of our own homes.

The day consisted of the companies presenting to the judging panel on the following criteria:

  • Summary
  • Business Strategy
  • Goals and Objectives
  • Planning and Implementation
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Innovation and Creativity
  • Impact and Benefits

Then it was the long wait to hear the results.

The awards ceremony had some great speakers and tied the day together nicely; however, we were all there for one thing...

'.... and the winner is Incendiary Blue!'

A cool, calm and collected Mark thanked the judges for their time and off camera proceeded to ring everyone in the business with growing excitement.

What a brilliant result.

After the ceremony was over we recieved the judges comments and scores. A few key quotes that jump out have been listed below:

  • A very passionate presentation. Good work
  • Evidently, IB is producing some highly successful work, and you are having fun doing so.
  • I really like your listen, craft, play and nurture approach
  • Your passion for your business and its people came out very loud and clear
  • A very passionate presentation, delivered with high energy
  • I also liked your innovation and creativity, clearly some great stuff with good results for your clients.

There is a theme here, and something that we take pride in: Passion. Mark's passion clearly came across to the judges and we will all follow suit and continue to put this same level of passion in all of our work.