WeatherCows Workshop: Chapter 2


WeatherCows is an idea of Rich’s that Mark helped bring to life. We use it as a team as a great creative outlet and to try testing out new technologies with. The main focus around WeatherCows currently is the phone application, where our family of characters live in your pocket and give you the day’s weather forecast.

We were asked by Anglia Ruskin lecturer, Sabrina Minter (one of our original members of staff) if we would mind bringing the cows in to their curriculum - as a client project for the students to work on…We naturally said yes without hesitation.

The class is based around learning Maya, a 3D modelling programme, and understanding the inns and outs of creating 3D models. So we have set the students a task to either create a cow or an environment. They must work in teams so each team will have both as an output at the end.

On 16th October our Creative Director, Rich, popped along to Cambridge to meet the students and to introduce himself and the story around how WeatherCows manifested…Spoiler alert its actually a sweet little story about a boy and his dad!

We will be checking in on progress over the course of the next 6 weeks and look forward to seeing others take on the fun world that we have created in WeatherCows.