Migrating to ClickUp

Like any small agency, efficiency is king, and it's the processes that can either strengthen or weaken the whole system. In the technology era that we're in, there are hundreds upon hundreds of software that claims to be the best thing since sliced bread that can solve all of your management needs.

But which one to choose?

The way we tackled this beast was, all the elements that were most important for me (as a project manager) were listed and confirmed with the team. Then I conducted an initial review on 4-5 products that matched the criteria. (Basecamp, Clickup, Asana,, Proofhub)

Most important factors for us:

  • Attractive / usable UI
  • Task Management
  • Reporting
  • Customised fields
  • Gantt Chart
  • Guest access

All of the products I reviewed offered a trial, and I found that the only way to get a perfect feel of the software was to start the trial with the full set up for one or two projects. This is very time-consuming; however, it was invaluable in understanding which software would be best for the job.

So, long story short, I chose Clickup.

The next challenge: how to implement this into the team?

After initially setting up and using the software myself for a few projects, it was time to introduce the team. One on one, we did a screen share session and training to show the key features and what we would use it for. The key was to understand that everyone in my team has a different way of working, and I wanted to ensure to demonstrate the flexibility in 'views' Clickup has and ensure everyone had a 'view' they could use efficiently. All projects can have a different view for everyone without disrupting the task lists and detail.

Everyone then had to play around, set up their own 'spaces', and ask any questions they needed. At this point, the software was still in trial and wasn't confirmed to be the final solution until we agreed as a team to move over.

After two weeks of everyone using the software, we decided as a team that worked well. Success!

How has this helped process?

IB is a small agency that has exceptionally talented individuals, however, since the five years since starting, not many formal processes. The hope was with whichever new software is chosen; this would help implement a strong structure for all projects. We now have templates that we base all of our projects on, and Clickup allows flexibility to adapt the templates on a project basis.

Since switching to Clickup, we have not looked back, and the flexibility of the software has encouraged the whole team to use it, and in whichever 'view' works best for them. It's becoming a powerful tool, that if used correctly, will become a solid instrument used in our daily working lives. (Some of us even use it personally!)

It's also been successfully received by our clients, with a few onboarding their own teams and personal lives onto the software as a result!

To conclude, we are not endorsed by ClickUp, and if you are looking to find a tool that's right for you, do a trial a few different before deciding on one, as all teams are different.