Mobile UX London - Bringing Science back to UX

De Vere West One, Portland Place, London

In November 2019 Mark hosted a fast-paced 15-minute talk at the Mobile London UX Conference, based in the heart of London's West End. The title "Bringing science back into UX" absolutely brought the crowds, and Mark presented to a packed out audience.

The talk focused on the growing discipline of UX, the maxims surrounding it, and how the psychological principles behind these still ring true.

We've included a sneak peek of what to expect below.

Miller's Law (1958) tells us that users (or humans in general), can only keep 7 (+/- 2) items in their working memory. In UX terms, this means that the most efficient way to present information to users is grouping them between 5-9 items.

Ultimately, the moral of the story is that UX is based far more on science than people realise, and for a good reason. Human behaviour hasn't changed all that much. All of the studies mentioned in Mark's presentation give clear guidelines that are just as important now as they when somewhere posed 50 years ago.

You can watch the talk here. Warning Mark gets a bit carried away and uses some profanities, apologies, it's the nerves.