PMI - Try Programme


Try Programme for IQOS

IQOS had an innovative try-before-you-buy proposition for its heat-not-burn products. But potential customers were dropping off before completing the online sign up. Having tried to work out why this was happening internally, IQOS enlisted us to investigate further.

Seeing through a user’s eyes

First, we undertook a full UX review of the site and user testing to identify any problem points for customers. This revealed two key issues. One, when customers arrived at the Try page, they still weren’t certain what IQOS was. Two, they weren’t sure why they were being asked to give credit card details when signing up for a trial.

New routes, smoother journeys

Having determined the problem, we could now start to define the solution. This involved changing the entry points into the Try programme, reworking the page architecture to increase from one route in to eight. And we made sure that whichever path the user took, they could always find out more about IQOS.

More trials, no errors

This work had a huge impact, an unprecedented increase in IQOS trials. It also proved the power of UX and user testing as problem-solving tools – and ultimately led to PMI retaining our services, with an Incendiary Blue project manager based on-site with the client every week.

Results: Try is now steady on a 12% conversion of new users hitting the website and trailing the product