Magnum Photos


Magnum Photos

Magnum Photos is an iconic agency whose members include some of the world’s most celebrated photographers. We provided tech consultancy to help Magnum select a financial system that could move with the speed the business needed.

Three locations, working as one

Incendiary Blue were recommended for the brief based on our executive-level tech expertise. Magnum’s challenge came from running three different finance systems in the UK, France and the US. This meant that financial reporting was slow and complex – and not suited to the business’s needs. Instead, Magnum required a single system that could bridge its three locations.

Specify, shortlist, select

We started by working with Magnum to understand and document its requirements for a new finance system. We then analysed solutions from the world’s major financial software providers, shortlisted suitable options and drew up our conclusions on the pros and cons of each.

Based on our recommendations, Magnum picked Sage – and we managed the project through to implementation across all three Magnum locations. With this in place, the business could now get much faster reports and see a clearer picture of its finances at any moment.

Partnering on new projects

Following this, we played a similar role in Magnum’s review of its CRM systems, compiling analysis and recommendations on around 20 solutions providers. We also supported the brand on the development of an eLearning platform, with UX and design services.