MusicMagpie is an ecommerce site where people can buy and sell tech items. We worked with the business in a consultative capacity to help make sure upgrades were targeted to areas of the website that would have the most commercial impact.

Searching out the most valuable upgrade

Initially, we were enlisted to offer technical consultancy on a CMS upgrade project for musicMagpie. But looking at user data, we noticed a steep drop-off during the checkout process. This convinced us that optimising the purchase journey would yield a higher ROI than the proposed CMS upgrade.

Investing for maximum impact

We recommended a UX review of the journey and carried out several rounds of user testing – looking at the process from sign in to the basket and right through to checkout. This was part of a four-week sprint, during which we also prototyped and designed a solution that would address these users that were leaving before purchasing.

With this complete, we handed our work over to musicMagpie’s tech team who implemented our recommendations. In a very short time, we were able to help the business invest strategically and develop a more user-centred checkout with a focus on higher conversion rates.