Condor Personalisation 

Helping the customers fly through the website onto their dream destination.

With the travel industry being hit hard due to COVID-19, Condor decided to clear the runway for a new concept for the website: personalisation.

Personalisation is becoming increasingly popular within the digital sphere, and Condor wants to give all their customers a first-class tailored experience both in the air and online. It's about tailoring the experience to the users' personal needs and wants; displaying information to the user that's relevant to them based on analytics and smart logic.

In theory, this is great. 

  • It's positive for the user as they get what they want quicker 
  • It's positive for the business as it translates to higher conversion rates or upselling 

But how do you do it? 

Condor identified several areas focus areas where personalisation could be introduced. For each one, they asked for IB expertise in UX, Design and HTML Development to think, create and implement to help the idea take off. 

  • UX: Applying best practices and logic to the problem identified, producing annotated solutions back to the client
  • Design: Apply the brand stylings and colour to bring the idea to life
  • Development: Digitally building the solution to be implemented into the website 

Did we land the ideas safely?

After a 5-6 month project, with many iterations, the AB tests launched with positive effect, and the statics have helped sell the ideas to the Condor stakeholders and ultimately be published onto the live site. 

The team have seen improvements in: 

  • Conversion Rate 
  • Bounce Rate 
  • Session Duration 

*Note exact figures can't be given, these will be confirmed when the world is back to normal and people can enjoy holidays again.