Mario Time!

Let's kick this off loosing any smoke and mirrors…We are a London based digital agency and we play Mario Kart at work.

Yep, it's true.

Without sounding like a cliche agency, sitting on our beanbags with laptops and lattes at hand, we have found through trial and error a way in which we can build a fun culture and educate our staff on the importance of simply having a break.

The bums on seats culture moving slowly into the distance - what with flexible working, co-working spacing and everything in-between. With this being such a new shift there were always going to be lessons learnt along the way of perfecting what works for us.

Here at Incendiary Blue we've done our time in a busy co working space, and glad to say, are out the other end of it. There is a need for co-working spaces - with their short leases and beer taps - but for us the need for a little room to breathe proved far more beneficial for our productivity levels.

We like to keep up to date with the latest tech, as well as enjoying the odd retro game we had in the office. So when Mario came out we were one of the first to jump on board.

Now, before the judgment kicks in that 'no work is done' let us be really clear - there is a method to our madness.

When working in the digital industry you often find yourselves working to such a high level of concentration for different stretches of the day. This can take it's toll on your ability to work efficiently, and therefore you often find you drift off before the day ends with more on your 'to do' list than your started with.

So we introduced Mario Karts as something we can do as a team, that has a controlled time box, and completely disconnects you from what you had been working on.

This disconnect allows your brain to reset from that client email you may have received, the ominous change request or even just long periods of time with no break.

The 12 min grand prix has proved a hidden gem for us as a company as it follows our work approach to Pomodorro breaks. Technically its 15 mins for a long break so you have a few minutes spare for a tinkle.

We recommend that you take a leaf from our book and give it a go. All thats required is a Nintendo Switch, Mario Karts and four controllers…oh and competitive staff to make it interesting. It even works online so remote working is no barrier to Mario time!

So if you are looking for that 'thing' to help gel your team together and encourage work breaks (and a healthy work life balance) then pick yourself up a game of Mario and enjoy 12 minutes of racing.

Or best of all pop in and play us…we don't practice often, honest.