BIMA Digital Day


BIMA Digital day was created to help introduce secondary school students to digital, and not just the technical side. The idea of the day is to showcase the span of different roles within digital from those who have interest in the technical side, contrasting those who are more suited to the design/creative route, and even some who are interested in both!

The day includes the students developing their own idea, based on a brief, and pitching to the panel of judges to be the champions in their school. The group that wins the day will be submitted to the National Digital Day competition with the chance to win some great prizes.

This year there are 155 schools taking part with over 5,000 students across 90 different cities across Europe. We’re partnered with Dunraven School, and very much looking forward to seeing what these brains have to offer!

This is a perfect event for Incendiary Blue to get involved in, as we deliver end to end projects and can give insight into each area along the digital journey. From idea conception to scoping out the requirements, to the user experience/journeys, to the design and development. This will be the second year joining BIMA’s digital day, and apart from being a great day, it also helps to open our eyes to new ideas and talents that are rising stars.