PMI - Store Locator



We worked with IQOS to redesign their store locator feature, creating a more user-friendly journey and making it easier than ever for customers to find the brand’s heat-not-burn products.

Locating the problem

IQOS’s store locator was designed to help customers find and buy the brand’s products. But it wasn’t working – users were dropping off and very few were following the journey all the way through to locating a store. So when we came on board, our first step was to run a UX review alongside user research. This showed that on mobile (where 85% of IQOS’s traffic came from), the format was too cluttered and users felt overwhelmed.

Mapping (or un-mapping) the solution

With this in mind, we reviewed a number of different design solutions, and actually found that the typical map-based format for the store locator didn’t work in this instance. Instead, we developed a lighter, text-based layout. This featured cards for each of the stores, giving users more information about the distance, products available and type of store, as well as an option to view directions.

On the path to success

In user testing, our prototype performed strongly against the existing solution, and once implemented, IQOS saw an instant boost in results. Customers began to spend longer on the store locator, and more and more of them were following the journey through to the end.

This shows the power of a small, strategic change to make a big commercial impact. And having seen the success of the UK team’s work, IQOS teams around the world have enquired about similar solutions.