Why choose Incendiary Blue?

We trust each other and we work well together. We’re the people that you’ll actually get to work with. And on all our projects, we forge a tight working relationship with each of our clients - so when we say ‘we work as a team’, we’re including you in that. Things work best when we work like this.

This is because we love what we do - and running an agency with 100 people who we don’t really know is not what we’re about (right now at least). We do have some lovely clients though - from some fun smaller start-up types to more heavyweight players.

More than that, we live it and love it. Sure, we’ve got degrees and certificates to prove that we know all about it, but more importantly our work is totally focused on ensuring that technology doesn’t get in the way of the user's experience - it enhances it.

There’s enough uncertainty in work without wondering what something will cost - and our experience allows us to price things once and fairly. We also work in a modern way - we have developers both in the UK and off-shore, which means that costs can be kept down and we can deliver projects in a timely manner.

We can do most things from soup to nuts - providing end to end solution from strategy and creative through to development...we can handle it all for you. Sure, if you’d like us to just focus on parts of your project, we can do that too - but we love getting involved in all aspects to add the most value.